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Business Assessment And Candidate Mapping

Our Process

Business Assessment And Candidate Mapping

DNA Leadership Assessment Model

Tech & Product Leaders

DNA Leadership Assessment Model

Tech & Product Leaders

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Passive Talent Pool

A pool of Inhouse Mapped Talent with TCC Leader’s Benchmarking

Chief's Q

Scientific, Proven & Precise DNA Leadership Framework (Proprietary - The Chief Circle)

Laser Focus on Tech & Product

Exclusive Focus on Tech & Product Leadership Only

Search Consultant

Best industry search veteran assigned for the search

6 Months Replacement

Zero Cost, Replacement Warranty*

Forensic Due-Diligence

We verify the candidate market and impact credibility beforehand

Scientific Approach

Proven approach to map & match the DNA Leadership

How Do we make it Happen

What is Chief’s Quotient?

Chief’s Quotient is a systematic and scientifically-based DNA leadership assessment framework by The Chief Circle. It is used to evaluate and identify the most suitable technology or product leader for a company.

This framework uses a logical and data-driven approach to assess the individual’s technical knowledge, product understanding, leadership skills, and organizational fit to ensure that the right leader is selected for the role.

The framework is designed to assess the DNA of a potential leader, which includes their Change Potential, Intellectual Potential, People Potential and Motivational Potential along with experience and problem-solving skills. It also evaluates the individual’s leadership qualities, such as communication, collaboration, decision-making and strategic thinking to determine if they have the ability to lead a team and drive the company’s business goals.

The assessment process is based on proven and precise methods, such as behavioral assessments, technical assessments, situational judgment tests, and in-depth interviews to provide a comprehensive and accurate picture of the candidate’s suitability for the role. The results of the assessment are then analyzed using a scientific approach, combining data and expert judgment to determine the best candidate for the position.

Chief’s Quotient – leadership assessment framework ensures that the right leader is selected for the role, which can positively impact the company’s strategy and overall success.

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