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“The Strength Of The Team Is Each Member. The Strength
Of Each Member Is The Team” - Phil. Jackson

Deepak Ahluwalia


Rubinder Kaur

Co-Founder & CEO

Sarim Sayed

Associate Director - Brand, Marketing & Public Relations

Sonal Sinha

Associate Director - Business & Partnership

Ankit Walia

Head of Finance and Compliance

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A Message from the CEO's Desk

Dear Leaders,

At The Chief Circle, our founding mission is clear and unwavering: we exist to empower our clients in their pursuit of exceptional leadership. Our commitment goes far beyond providing services; we establish strategic partnerships with our clients, immersing ourselves in the intricacies of their businesses, journeys, objectives, and the unique challenges they encounter. By deeply understanding their needs, we craft tailored solutions to address their specific issues.

Our approach is centred on a profound understanding of human behaviour, meticulous assessment of skill sets, exploration of aspirations, and evaluating a candidate’s potential to drive transformative change in their next leadership role. Our overarching goal is to bridge the gap between visionary founders and the leaders who will bring their visions to life, fostering a consultative approach that harmonizes their mindsets and objectives.

Once we have identified the perfect leader to meet our client’s specific requirements, we set a cascade of positive change in motion. This resolves immediate challenges and paves the way for enduring growth. We firmly believe that by facilitating our clients in making the right leadership decisions, we contribute significantly to their long-term success.



Rubinder Kaur
Co-Founder & CEO
The Chief Circle

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